I have always been deeply affected by the physical qualities of places: light and shadow, movement, space, landforms and bodies of water, vegetation, clouds, wind, storms, temperature, seasons. The more I immerse myself--participate--in an elemental world, the greater my sense of belonging to it and within it. But “place” is also something inward, a response, a reconciling with all the events and emotions that move through one's life. “Place,” time, change, and the transitory nature of all things are at the heart of my work.

I create these images with collaged layers. Primarily, I use a wide range of papers on which I have painted, drawn, and printed (woodcut, relief, lithograph, etching). I also use pieces from earlier works, including those dating back more than 30 years. Layering, then, becomes more than something technical; it embodies ideas, impulses, and experiences that continue to surface.