I have always been deeply affected by the physical qualities of places. I am especially interested in the fleeting, nonstop changes of light, weather, temperature, and movement that are both predictable (such as seasons changing) and unpredictable in the seemingly endless variety (such as wind blowing through my backyard trees). The more I immerse myself—pay attention--in an elemental world, the greater my sense of belonging within it.

Through my work I explore non-quantifiable ways that make a place “valuable”: beauty, power, wonder, a space for contemplation, a primal source of connection, knowledge, and well-being. The pieces point to unmediated, tangible experiences and the connection and joy that come from such experiences. I view the images as a way to pause, reconsider our intertwined relationship with the larger forces in the world that keep us in our place.

I create these images with collaged layers. Primarily, I use a wide range of papers on which I have painted, drawn, and printed (woodcut, relief, lithograph, etching). I also use pieces from earlier works, including those dating back more than 30 years. Layering, then, becomes more than something technical; it embodies ideas, impulses, and experiences that continue to surface.